Ivona Matošić Gašparović

Deputy Mayor of Crikvenica, Croatia

Ivona Matošić Gašparović was born on April 14, 1989 in Rijeka. She is married and the mother of one child. She completed primary and secondary education in Crikvenica, after which she graduated from the Faculty of Law in Rijeka, where she obtained her master's degree in law. From 01/04/2014 to 01/07/2014 she interned with the European Parliament and performed tasks related to preparation of the materials for plenary sessions, studied the proposals of Parliament decisions, prepared amendments to decisions, carried out administrative tasks, and public relations activities. In 2014 she was employed in the Crikvenica City Administration as Senior Public Relations Associate where she carried out protocol activities, ensuring the promotion of the city of Crikvenica nationally and abroad. She also carried out news creation activities and co-operation with the media, i.e., activities of providing information pursuant to the Act on the Right of Access to Information. Since 2017 she has served as Deputy Mayor of the City of Crikvenica. She is fluent in two foreign languages, English and German, and passively fluent in the Italian language. From 2013 to 2016 she served as Chairperson of the Youth of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) of Crikvenica, as well as Chairperson of the County Organisation of the Youth of the Croatian Democratic Union of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. During the same period, she was also a member of the National Organisation of the Youth of the Croatian Democratic Union.

All Sessions by Ivona Matošić Gašparović

12:00 - 13:00
Business Center

Panel 3: How we did it - Municipal Business-Friendliness Certification – How we earned the Certificate and What we Got from It

Municipal business-friendliness certification- what we got from it; how local governments engage with businesses- good practices, how to stay on the top of our game – making improvements a permanent process