Đorđe Vukotić

Legal and Policy Advisor, Serbia

Đorđe Vukotić graduated from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, department of Commercial Law, and specialized in International Trade Agreement at the same Faculty. He attended professional development programs abroad on several occasions (European College in Burge, World Bank Institute). He started his professional lawyer career in 1989 in Belgrade and specialized in the field of commercial and coprorate law. Since 2002, he has been engaged as independent legal advisor on multiple projects in the field of deregulation, regulatory reform, business registration reform, corporate restructuring and improving the business conditions in Serbia, under the auspices of the World Bank, USAID and other international organizations. He took part in the development of laws in the field of economic regulations. From 2004 to 2011 he was the lead legal advisor of the Government of Serbia's Regulatory Reform Council, being engaged in the analysis and providing opinions to more than 350 draft laws. He is a regular coauthor of NALED's quarterly reports on the regulatory reform status, also being engaged on he development of NALED's Grey Book.

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